Bail Bonds Fremont - Who did it?

Fremont Bail Bonds - Who did it?


These are the answers to 510 Bail Bond "Who did it?" series. The questions start out as Facebook post and are answered here. 


Fremont bail bonds10/30/2014  I walk all day on my head. Who am I?



   Answer: 510 Bail Bond gives you the freedom to move around as you please. If someone you love has been arrested give us a call to set them free.


  Answer here to who am I?






Long banner ad 510bail bond6/11/14 The man found dead case: A man was found murdered one Sunday Morning. His wife immediately called the police. The police question the wife and staff and were given these alibis: The wife said she was in bed reading a book. The cook said she was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. The gardener said he was planting seeds. The maid said she was getting the mail. The butler said he was polishing the silver. The police made an arrest. Who did it?


Answer: 510 Bail Bond gives you your freedom and the Answer here.



Long Banner ad Green6/11/14: The Fremont Police were outside a Bar when a lady screamed 'NO JOHN NO!!' The Fremont Police officer ran inside the bar. Inside there was a woman dead on the floor. In the Bar there was a lawyer , a milkman, a singer, a teacher and the shop owner . 
Without hesitation the Fremont PD arrested the milkman. 
Why is this ?


 Answer: This one was easy, find the Answer here.



20140424 We Speak sign6/12/14: Riddle me this my Facebook friends....
What grows when you feed it,
But dies if you water it?


Answer: Find out the answer to this one at our 510 Bail Bond Answer here page.









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