Fugitive Recovery Division

Fugitive Recovery Division 


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Next class is: April 5th 2017 6pm

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Become a bounty hunterAs a bounty hunter, you’ll be required to navigate local statutes and follow legal protocols to track and apprehend bail jumpers. Learn from active bounty hunters who have bounty hunting experience in California.  Learn the rules of the game. Become a member of an elite group of agents that aid in the apprehension of defendants that fail to appear for their court date.  A degree in criminal justice is not necessary to become a bounty hunter. Public safety, private investigations, retired police officers, career change or other relevant fields are keys to combining the know-how necessary to operate within the law, with the skills needed to take fugitives into custody.

Our Fugitive Recovery Division will bridge the gap between knowledge and the lack of, in the field training. Women are encouraged to take this class. There is a growing need for female recovery agents; we are experiencing a growing number of female clients that have failed to appear for their court dates.  


To legally bounty hunt in California you will need the following training: 

  • 20 hours of bail pre licensing from a DOI certified instructor per DOI 1810.7(a)
  • 40 hours of laws of arrest course from a POST certified instructor

There are two separate classes – advanced and an “Intro to Bounty Hunting.” Our advanced class is aimed at the student that has completed at least one of the above requirements.

You can request information from our Fugitive Recovery Division to find the program that’s right for you. Give us a call - we'll make it happen for you.   


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