Bail Bond Information


Bail Bond Information


You've just learned a friend or loved one has been arrested. Follow these steps to get him or her released from jail quickly and easily:

  1. Be sure about which jail he or she is in.
  2. Is it a county, city or federal facility?
  3. What is the booking number?
  4. What is the charge?
  5. Have the person's full legal name.
  6. Try to determine the date of birth, if possible.
  7. The arresting agency.
  8. Try to find out how much the bail amount is.
  9. For more information, please contact 510 Bail Bonds at 510-760-9409 

Fast Release Times

The more information you have regarding the person being held the fraster his or her release will be. Typical information you will need to supply your Bondsman will be:

1) Inmate's full Name

2) Date of Birth

3) PFN - This is issued by the jail your Bondsman will be able to optain this if unknown.

4) What jail is he being held in?

5) What day and or time when the inmate arrested?

6) Current job information for inmate and cosigner

7) Bail amount

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House Calls


This is a stressful time for you and the defendant, the last thing you want to do is pack up the kids in the middle of the night to meet your Bail Bondman. Here at 510 Bail Bond we have agents that will come to you. We can e-mail the application to you so by the time we meet, the application is filled out and ready making the bail bond process faster.

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 Free Bail Information

Bail Bonds is a stressful and confusing situation to be in. You have many questions and don’t know who to turn to. Relax; take a deep breath and pick up the phone a Bail Bondsman will answer all your questions for free. We are real people with real experience dealing with these situations. We understand and are here to help you through this. When you are ready, give us a call.


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Financing O.A.C

Your loved one is in Jail and wants out. Let’s not make money the deciding factor. There are many finance options to bail your loved one out of jail. Besides money on hand, in bank accounts, borrowing from parents, credit cards, 510 Bail Bond has financing options to meet your needs. Give us a call to discuss your personal situation.


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DUI / Drug Charges

HS11350 / DUI - We will bond on all drug related charges. Talk to us we have experience in these matters. 

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence information

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Vehicle Charges

DUI, speed, reckless we are able to bond all vehicle related charges

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All Charges, All Bails, All Jails

No bail is too big or too small we will bond all. Give us a call, we have a bail network of Agents through out California that are able to post your bail 24/7.

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I want to help you

At 510 Bail Bond we are here to help with your loved ones freedom. We work for you and will work with you to make freedom possible. We understand that every situation is different, let's work together and make it happen.  

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Discreet Service

Fast, and discreet bail bond service. We can meet at the local coffee shop, or ask us to come out to your home, that's right we make house calls. No need to wake or back up the kids we will come to you. 

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24 / 7

We are open 24/7 give us a call any time you are in need of bail.

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510 Bail Bond is a California Department of Insurance licensed bail company serving the people of California. License # 1845586, 0845586

Bail - It's what we do.  

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