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Santa Rita Jail Bail Bond Information 

Nothing is more important than your Freedom. Once arrested in Alameda county you will be booked into the Local Police Department's Jail facility. Once that Jail facility becomes full you most likely with be transferred to the Santa Rita Jail located at: 

Santa Rita Jail
5325 Broder Blvd.,
Dublin, ca 94568.
Bail phone - 510-760-9409

The phone number to the Santa Rita Jail is (925) 551-6500 or dial 925-290-7688 to speak with a Santa Rita Bail Bondsman to arrange for bail.

510 Bail Bonds has experienced bail agents that can help with any bail bond issues with the Santa Rita Jail Facility and are here to guide you through this difficult situation. You may contact our East Bay office, moments away from the Santa Rita Jail 24 Santa Rita Jailhours a day, Bail Bond agents are standing by. No bail is too big or small, we bond all.

The bail bond process is simple:

1) Complete the bail bond application / on line or in person with a 510 Bail Bonds agent

2) Pay the bail bond fee. Credit cards are accepted / Pay on line

It's that simple. Once the application is complete a aurtherized 510 Bail Bonds agent will be dispathed to post the bail bond. 

After your loved one is released they will be required to meet with a 510 Bail Bonds agent within 24 hours to complete the bail bond application.

Requirments while on bail:

1) Appair in court as required

2) Check in with bail agent as required to update court status.

3) Stay in the State of California.

                  Santa Rita Jail Information

After being arrested in an Alameda County City, you will want to start the Bail process before your loved one is transferred to another Jail facility. As the local Jail becomes full, inmates are transferred to either the Santa Rita Jail or the Glenn Dyer County Jail. The Santa Rita Jail is located at:

Santa Rita Jail
5325 Broder Blvd in Dublin,

The Glenn Dyer County Jail is located on

Glenn Dyer Jail
550 6th Street 
Oakland, California.

Remember, the sooner the bail bond process is started, the less likely your loved one will be transferred to another jail and less stress will be felt for both you and your loved one. 510 Bail Bonds has experienced bail agents that can assist you with your bail bond needs. 


      • Bail can be posted in the Santa Rita Jail lobby 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 510 Bail Bond has agents on call 24/7
      • Inmates who are determined to be eligible for release, will be released as quickly as possible. However, this procedure can take up to several hours. It is recommended that you wait until receiving a telephone call from the released inmate before coming to the jail.
      • Inmates granted release while at court must return to the jail to complete all necessary paperwork. The inmate will receive all personal property and be released from the jail facility.
      • Inmates being released who are indigent, have inadequate clothing for climatic conditions, do not have clothing available at the time of release, or who can no longer fit into their clothing, will be provided appropriate welfare clothing.
      • Inmates who have no money upon release are given a free bus passe or a free B.A.R.T. ticket. The inmates are also provided with transportation schedules and directions to the B.A.R.T. station if they choose to walk.

Santa Rita Jail Facts

The original Santa Rita Jail opened in January 1947. It served as a replacement for the original County Prison Farm that operated on 275 acres next to Fairmont Hospital in San Leandro. The old Santa Rita Jail encompassed about 1000 acres of a World War II military base known as Camp Schumacher that was adjacent to the existing site of the Camp Parks Reserve Training Center. The original site included a Navy Brig that was converted into a maximum-security facility known as Greystone. A wire-enclosed complex of eight barracks was converted into a minimum and medium security facility that was known as the Compound. Women were housed in a horseshoe shaped barracks known as Women's Quarters.

Over time, the Santa Rita Jail became overcrowded and the changing demographics of the jail population made it difficult and costly to operate the aging facility in a safe and secure manner. In 1983 Design and development of the "new" Santa Rita began. Construction costs of the new Santa Rita Jail totaled about $172 million. State bonds augmented by matching local funds made the project possible. On September 1, 1989, Sheriff Charles C. Plummer gave the order to open the facility and inmates were transferred from the old to the new jail.

The New Santa Rita Jail

The facility holds about 4000 inmates housed in one of eighteen modern housing units. It is considered a "mega-jail" and ranks as the third largest facility in California and the fifth largest in the nation. Santa Rita is accredited by the American Correctional Association, thus making it the only facility in California holding this prestigious award.

It is recognized as one of the most technologically innovative jails in the world. A robotic system speeds delivery of laundry, supplies and food to all areas of the 113-acre campus. State-of-the-art criminal justice systems serve the internal operation while the largest rooftop solar power system converts enough electricity to power nearly one-half of the facilities electrical needs during daylight hours.

Sheriff Ahern's philosophy of cost-effective delivery of services is reflected in the private sector partnerships that support the jail's operation. A modem cook-chill food service operation produces 12,000 economical meals per day. On site medical and mental health services saves money while reducing the patient load at county medical facilities.

Throughout its history, the Santa Rita Jail Facility has served the criminal justice system and contributed to the safety of the citizen of the County of Alameda by providing a safe, secure and humane environment for inmates and staff."


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