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The average salary for a Bail Bondsman in Fremont, California is $63,921. If you were to work as a Bail Bondsman in Fremont, California you could expect a starting salary of $42,112. You could expect to make a salary of around $75,201 after some time. 

This information is taken from information found on the web from a Google search of "Bail Bondsman Salary Fremont." A Bail Bondsman pay can be more or less depending on experience and pay structure. A Bail Bondsman working at a smaller owned bail bond shop can expect to make this pay from their experience in the bail business. Working for a bigger bail firm one might expect a much lower starting salary around $15 per hour to start.  


Fremont CA Yearly Bail Bondsman Pay Statistics


Average Yearly Bail Bondsman Salary

$51,136 - $76,705

Starting Yearly Bail Bondsman Salary

$42,112 - $63,169

Top Yearly Bail Bondsman Salary

$60,161 - $90,241


Fremont CA Monthly Bail Bondsman Pay Statistics


Average Monthly Bail Bondsman Salary

$4,261 - $6,392

Starting Monthly Bail Bondsman Salary

$3,509 - $5,264

Top Monthly Bail Bondsman Salary

$5,013 - $7,520


Fremont CA Hourly Bail Bondsman Pay Statistics


Average Hourly Bail Bondsman Salary

$23 - $34

Starting Hourly Bail Bondsman Salary

$15 - $28

Top Hourly Bail Bondsman Salary

$27 - $40

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