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Fremont bail bonds I walk on my head all day. Who am I?

 Answer: I am a nail in a horseshoe. 






20140424 We Speak signAnswer to the man found murdered case:  Most people would think that the maid did it since there is no mail service on Sunday. But after further questioning the maid explained she was off on Saturday so she was picking up the mail from Saturday's delivery. All other stories check out except the wife's. When asked about the matter further the wife could not explain how she was reading a book, noticed her husband dead and then immediately called the police. How could she not notice him dead when she walked into the room? 

After checking the video surveillance it was confirmed the wife did it. Nice call Mr. Ramirez.




Long Banner ad GreenAnswer to the "No John No" case :

This one was easy - the milkman was the only man in the bar.








bailBonds logo design 1Riddle me this my Facebook friends....
What grows when you feed it,
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Answer: Fire

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