Bail Schedule

2013 Bail Schedule Alameda County

2014 Bail Bond Schedule Alameda County

(Being updated)

32 Accessory – After the fact to a felony Felony 20K 16-2-3
37 Treason Felony No bail

Death/life without parole

 67 Bribery  Felony  25K



Bribery of Public Officer or Employee (If theft of thing given or
offered would be grand theft)

Felony   20K  16-2-3
68   Taking Bribe Felony   25K  2-3-4
 69 Resisting Arrest/Threatening Officer  Felony   25K 16-2-3 
76 Threats to the Life of an Official or Judge Felony 100K 2-3-4
92 Bribing Judge or Juror Felony 100K 2-3-4
93 Accepting Bribe by Judge or Juror Felony 100K 2-3-4
115 Offering Forged/False Documents for Filing Felony 35K 16-2-3
 118 (126)  Perjury Felony  25K 2-3-4 
127 Subornation of Perjury Felony 25K 2-3-4
128 Perjury-Capital Case Felony NA Death/life without parole
136.1(c) Preventing or dissuading a victim or witness from testifying Felony 100K 2-3-4
137(b) Inducing false testimony Felony 100K 2-3-4

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