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Hillsborough is a beautiful town  in the county of San Mateo, about twenty miles south of San Francisco.  Hillsborough is one of the wealthiest communities in America and has the highest income of places in the United States with populations of at least 10,000. In need of bail is the last thing that comes to mind when living in Hillsborough. However, it does happen. Spending a night in the Magurie Jail is worlds away from living in Hillsborough. If you find yourself in need of our service you can expect professional discreet service. We will take care of all the paper work needed to bond your loved one out of jail. No need to pack up the kids either, we will come to you, stress free bail with agents that know how the system works. We have agents familiar with the local police procedures and expert at handling bail at the Magurie Jail. Once arrested in Hillsborough or anywhere in the San Mateo County you will be transferred to the Magurie Jail until you either post  bail or you are released by the courts.  Hillsborough 20140418

After arrest remember, when talking to your loved one by phone do not mention or ask what happened. Let them know that you are working on their release from jail with 510 Bail Bond and that they will be out soon. All conversations will be recorded and anything said may be used against them in court. Have them remain silent regarding their case and do not talk any further with the police. After all the paper work is complete a 510 Bail Bond's agent licensed by the California Department of Insurance, will go to the Magurie Jail and post a bail bond for your loved one. After processing the bond your loved one will be released.   

Bail - It's what we do. 

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510 Bail Bond is a California Department of Insurance licensed bail company serving the people of California. License # 1845586, 0845586

Bail - It's what we do.  

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