How to handle a police encounter

What to do when you have a police encounter:

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Do the following:

          • Stay calm and polite
          • Keep hands in sight
          • Ask , “Is that a request or order?” Comply with an officer's order, not to a request.Fremont Bail Bonds
          • Ask to leave, "Am I free to go?" 
          • Do not answer any questions
          • I am exercising my right to remain silent - You need to state this.
          • Don’t give consent to a search - If asked do you mind if I search your car? I'll just get the dog to search if you say no. Still say no you may not search my car.

Don't do:

          • Don't make a statement - remain silent
          • Don't agree to any searches!
          • Don't argue or fight with the police
          • Don't interfere with the police (you could be charged for PC148 - resisting arrest)


Even if you are a passenger in a car that has been pulled over you have rights, know them, use them. 510 Bail Bond is your last defense but should be your first call, when arrested have our number in your phone as a contact. 

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