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What to do when confronted by the Pleasanton, Dublin, Oakland, Fremont or any other police department. Let's take a look at a "real life" arrest and how it could of been avoided. Names and cities have been changed. Here is the background:

          1.  Police knock on your door
          2.  You answer, opening you door
          3.  Police ask if you have "Bob". Bob is your grandson that you are watching, he is in his high chair eating lunch in the kitchen out of sight.

slide 4-police-stationLet's stop right there. Most people would think what could go wrong here? Answer their question right? Wrong, very wrong by answering their questions you are setting yourself up for arrest. Remain silent or just don't respond to that question. Absurd you may think but lets play this out some more and see what happens.  

You step out of your house and answer, "Yes Bob is in the kitchen eating." The police have a piece of paper unsigned that they show you. It's an unsigned court order stating that Bob's father has visitation rights at this time. You will have to turn Bob over to us. You refuse stating that the court order is unsigned and has Bob's father's name wrong on the court order. You call your daughter to have her come over right away delaying and ignoring what the police are ordering you to do. The police put you in hand cuffs and seat you in the back of a hot police car. You start to sweat and are feeling light headed. You try to get the police officers attention, no luck. Your daughter has just arrived and sees that your face is red and hears your call that you need some air, she opens the door and then she too, is arrested. 

You are arrested for PC 148 resisting arrest. Your daughter is now sitting next to you in hand cuffs. No one is watching Bob, you and your daughter are both under arrest in the back of a hot police car. Not so absurd now is it? You both will be booked into the Fremont jail and held until you make bail. If you don't arrange for a bail bond soon you may find yourself transferred to the Santa Rita Jail awaiting your court date. Now you will need to bond out of jail and fight your case in court if any charges are filed. See the high lighted PC 148 link above for more information on resisting arrest charges. 

How to Avoid Arrest.

No arrest, no bail bonds needed, no time or money wasted. When the police came to your door you should of asked what they wanted with the door closed. You are under no obligation to answer any of their questions. If the police wanted to come into your home they would of needed a warrant to do so. If you would of remained silent or asked if they had a warrant then told them you are not answering any questions you and your daughter would of avoided this mess altogether. 

Know your rights, and know that when all else fails there is always bail. 510 Bail Bond will set you free.

Bail - It's what we do. 

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Bail - It's what we do.  

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