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Recently I was at a party enjoying myself when the 
subject of what I do for a living was asked. The person was appalled that I could let people out of jail without regard to what they have "done." "How can you not take sides?" Suddenly I was bombarded with all sorts of questions and opinions regarding bail. Here is a sampling:

  1. You have to have an opinion on what they did.
  2. How could you not have a opinion?
  3. How many of your clients are repeat clients? 
  4. Is there a crime that you will not bond someone out on?
  5. Who is your typical client?
  6. Why don't you take the moral high ground?
  7. I would never need bail.

This country was founded by some very well educated people. Many things and a variety of scenarios were considered before making the law of the land. In theory, the accused is assumed innocent until proven guilty. So my response to having an opinion regarding my client being guilty or innocence was, that is up to the courts to decide not me. My job is to bail them out of jail and allow them to fight their case as a free person. The job is not to "morally judge" someone. When I meet my clients they are only accused of a crime, so in theory, I am bailing out an innocent person. My concern is not whether they are innocent or not, it's what are the chances of them appearing in court or not. I am in business to enable you to exercise your 8th amendment right.   

 I looked back on my last 100 clients for nice round numbers to see how many of my clients are repeat clients. The answer was only two, that's right just 2%. This lead me into answering question number 5. My typical clients are regular people just like you and I. At 510 Bail Bonds we receive calls for domestic  violence, resisting arrest, DUI and a host of other charges. Most people don't realize how easy it is to be arrested for "resisting arrest." Read how easy it is to be arrested for resisting arrest and be in the position of needing bail. Parents, Grandparents and other family members may need the services of 510 Bail Bonds to bond their loved ones out of jail. DUI's - most people think that would never happen to them. The reality is you are one drink away at your next x-mas party or social event where you may need bail for a DUI charge. Having 510 Bail Bond standing by, just in case, is more preferred than not having your right to bail.

The bail agent relationship with the defendant on bail is that of a jailer. The defendant is considered under the custody of the bail bond agent. However, unlike jail the defendant is free to roam the state and carry on with his business as he sees fit while on bail. There may be check in or other small requirements but for the most part the defendant is free. The bail agents main concern is that the defendant shows up to court as required. Not if he is guilty or not. If the defendant does not attend court as scheduled, the court will issue a warrant for their arrest. Since the bail bondsman main responsibility is that his client appears in court as required it is the bail bondsman's responsibility to see that it happens. A bail bondsman will hire bounty hunters to apprehend the defendant if necessary to bring the defendant back to court. All fees required to ensure that the defendant returns to court will be the responsibly of the defendant and the indemnitor.

Remember it is better to know me and not need me then to need me and not know me.   




Bail - It's what we do.   



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Bail - It's what we do.  

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