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Let's take a look at what went on in Fremont. Who needed bail and who didn't.

Police Patrol Blotter for Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Incidents 321 Reports 45

#026 Warrant and Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Officer San Luis was detailed to a suspicious person call at the Citibank located on the 3100 block of Mowry Ave.  Officers contacted and subsequently arrested a 37 year old adult male transient, for a warrant and a 290 PC violation for failure to register as a sex offender.

#028 Residential Burglary

Officer Rodriguez and FTO Huiskens investigated a residential burglary that occurred on the 4200 block of Darwin Drive.  An unknown suspect entered the residence by forcefully opening the front door.  Loss reported was currency, jewelry and a laptop.

#030 Chain Snatch Robbery

At approximately 4:30 p.m., Officer Rodriguez and FTO Huiskens investigated a late reported chain snatch robbery that occurred in the area of Maybird Circle and Deep Creek Rd at about 2:00 p.m.   The 39 year old female victim was walking when an unknown suspect approached her.  The suspect demanded her gold chain.  Fearing for her safety she complied as he yanked it off her neck and ran away.  The suspect was described as a heavy set black male adult in his 30’s, wearing a gray checkered shirt and faded blue jeans.

#033 Residential Burglary

Officers investigated a residential burglary that occurred in the 4100 block of Broadmoor Co sometime between 7:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.   The rear door was pried open and loss was a laptop. Investigated by Officer Meredith.

#034 Warrant Arrest

At 5:56 p.m., Officer Roberts conducted a pedestrian stop on the 39400 block of Argonaut Way and arrested a 56 year old adult female, Sunnyvale resident, for outstanding warrants.

#041 Residential Burglary

Officers investigated a residential burglary in the 33000 block of Whitehead Ln.   At 8:39 p.m., the victim was startled by someone breaking into his residence.  The victim chased the suspect out the rear sliding glass door. The suspect was described as tall and wearing all black clothing.  Investigated by Officer Hartman.

#045 Residential Burglary

Officers investigated a residential burglary in the 35000 block of Cabrillo Dr. The victim came home at 9:00 p.m. and witnessed an unknown subject running out the rear sliding glass door.  Loss was a DVD player and cable receiver.   Investigated by Officer Rodriguez and FTO Huiskens.

#004 Stolen Vehicle and Evading Police

At 2:51 a.m., officers conducted a registration check on white Chevy van in the area of Mission Blvd. and Walnut Ave.  Upon running the DMV of the vehicle, it was discovered that the two license plates were reported as lost or stolen plates from a GMC. Officers attempted a traffic stop to make contact, but the driver failed to stop. A pursuit was initiated on suspicion of a stolen vehicle based on the stolen license plate and the driver increased his speed, ran several red lights and failed to pull over.   The pursuit was monitored by a patrol supervisor as it traveled mainly on the Paseo Padre Pkwy corridor northbound into Newark and eventually ended at Mission Blvd and Decoto Rd in Union City.   The 42 year old adult male (transient) driver (only occupant), was taken into custody on a felony car stop without incident. The van was reported stolen out of Hayward. The driver was arrested for the stolen vehicle and for evading police.  The case was investigated by numerous officers and the pursuit was monitored by Sgt. Bocage.

#048 Theft

At 10:47 p.m., a grand theft was reported at the WalMart on Albrae St. A black male approximately 35-40 years old, wearing a red shirt with stripes and blue jeans, smashed an iPad case and took 4-5 iPads.  The suspect was never located.

#005 Armed Robbery

At 3:40 a.m., an armed robbery occurred at the 7-eleven located on Decoto Rd.   The suspect was described as a black male, approximately 25 years old wearing all black clothing.  The suspect was not located.

#016 Warrant Arrest

Officer Sasser conducted a security check at Motel 6 north and arrested a 28 year old adult male for an outstanding warrant.

#014 & 015 Warrant Arrest and Resisting Arrest

At 9:25 a.m, Officer Bordy and Officer Kindorf were dispatched to a residence on Isle Royal St. The caller stated that there was a male who was at the residence and had an outstanding warrant. While Officer Bordy was inside the residence, he heard a commotion and walked outside to see the 18 year old adult male fleeing from the backyard by way of a side gate. Officer Sanders and Officer Bordy found the male and arrested him for the outstanding warrant and resisting arrest.

#026 Auto v. Pedestrian Collision and Resisting Arrest

At approximately 11:55 a.m., Officer Catassi and Officer Baca were dispatched to a traffic collision involving an auto and a pedestrian. Upon arrival, both the driver and the pedestrian stated the collision was accidental. However, the investigation revealed that the two were acquaintances and video surveillance showed the vehicle purposely veered from the roadway and struck the male, who was walking near the west sidewalk of Blanchard St.  As Officer Catassi was arresting the 24 year old adult female suspect for assault with a deadly weapon, the male victim began fighting with Officer Candler.  Officer Candler was able to control the male and arrested him for resisting a police officer.

#037 Suspended License

At approximately 4:00 p.m., Officer O’Neal conducted a vehicle stop in the area of Fremont Bl. and Auto Mall Pkwy. The driver was found to have a suspended drivers license.

#041 Suspended License

At 5:20 p.m., Officer Stephen Hunt and Officer Troy Roberts initiated a vehicle stop at Peralta and Fremont Bl.  The 30 year old adult female driver, Fremont resident, was found to have been driving with a suspended license and was cited.

#046 Warrant Service

At 6:30 p.m., Officer Nordseth conducted a security check at Motel 6 south where he located a 25 year old adult male, San Jose resident, with a $15K warrant for his arrest.  The adult male was subsequently arrested and transported to jail.

#052 Warrant Service

At approximately 9:30 p.m., Officer Joel Hernandez initiated a vehicle stop near Stevenson Bl. and I880.  During the contact a 64 year old adult male, Union City resident, was found to have a warrant.  He was arrested for the warrant and transported to jail.

#038 Possession of Illegal Drugs

At approximately 3:40 p.m., Officer Ramsey was dispatched to the Hyatt Place where one of the tenants had not paid their bill and was in possession of illegal contraband.  The 26 year old adult female, Hayward resident, was found to be in possession of a controlled substance and was arrested and then transported to Santa Rita Jail.

#004, 005, 006 Auto Dealer Burglaries and Stolen Cars

At approximately 2:00 a.m., zone 2 patrol officers responded to a commercial alarm at Phantom Motors and found two window smash break-ins at 3909 and 3917 Thornton Ave. The suspects gained entry to the offices but didn’t appear to steal any vehicles. While investigating, a third break-in occurred at H&R Motors located on Decoto Rd. The suspects were able to access the key lock box and take two BMW’s and an Acura. Video surveillance captured the incident and approximately six unknown suspects. Detectives are investigating.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Incidents 294 Reports 37

#011 Possession of Narcotics

Officer W. Johnson conducted a traffic stop in the area of Alvarado and Galaxy and contacted a 37 year old adult male (Hayward resident) and a 28 year old adult female (Newark resident).   Both were arrested for various drug charges and transported to the Fremont Jail where they are booked.

#021 Public Intoxication Arrest

Officer Bordy and FTO Kindorf conduct a pedestrian stop on a 43 year old adult male (Fremont resident) in the 49300 block of Osgood Rd.   The male is arrested for public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia.   He is booked into the Fremont Jail.

#016 Public Intoxication

At 10:40 a.m., officers are dispatched to an address on the 36100 block of Magellan Dr. regarding a male subject taking his shirt off and challenging people to a fight. Officers arrive and contact a 37 year old adult male.  Officer O’Neal arrests the male for public intoxication and for providing police with a false identification. The male is booked at the Fremont Jail.

#018 Commercial Burglary and Stolen Vehicle

At approximately 1:12 a.m.  a group of approximately seven unknown subjects broke into Brilliant Auto Sales on Fremont Bl.vd There is one confirmed stolen vehicle, a 2013 White Kia Sportage. A second set of keys were taken, but the vehicle was accounted for when officers took the report.  This is possibly the same group of subjects who burglarized and stole vehicles from Phantom Motors (refer to case above).  The ages, race, height and weight of the seven suspects are unknown.  There was no vehicle seen.  Several suspects had zip up hoodies on with their hoods up.  It appears that they were all wearing lower rise jeans. Case investigated by CSO Goralczyk.

#030 Possession of a Controlled Substance

At 4:10 p.m., Officer Elopre and FTO Dodson conducted a traffic stop and found the driver, a 50 year old adult male, Sacramento resident, was on probation. A probation search was conducted and the male was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. He was arrested for the violation.

#029 Single Vehicle DUI Collision

At approximately 3:30 p.m., Officer Zargham was detailed to a vehicle collision in the area of Peralta and Fremont Blvd. Upon arriving, Officer Zargham located a vehicle which had collided with a pole. The driver was determined to have been driving under the influence of alcohol and was arrested for same.

#002 DUI Crash/Hit & Run

At approximately 1:25 a.m., multiple callers advised that a Mazda collided with several parked cars near Dusterberry/Hansen. Two subjects were seen running from the area and FFD responded as one of the vehicles was smoking. The subjects were contacted a short time later walking near the Prince of Peace church. A 21 year old adult male was arrested for DUI and Hit and Run.  Investigated by Officer Gentry with assistance from Officers Hernandez and L. Kennedy.

#003 Major Injury Collision

A vehicle was seen weaving southbound on Mission Blvd near the Sullivan Underpass before it collided with several trees in the center median. The driver (solo occupant) suffered significant injuries and was transported to a local trauma center. A traffic call-out was initiated and all of Mission Blvd is shut down between Sullivan Underpass and Niles Canyon for a couple of hours. A Nixle advisory message was sent out. All of zone 1 handled the initial investigation before being relieved by the traffic unit.

#005 Hit and Run

At 3:20 a.m., a citizen called from the area of McDuff/Starlight and reported two suspicious people who appeared to be casing the area on bicycles. A pickup truck with two bicycles tied to the roof fled the area of Warm Springs and Gable at a high rate of speed after police arrived on scene. The vehicle was last observed entering the townhomes on Hackamore Common. The truck was found abandoned after it collided with an enclosed patio. The suspect(s) were not located. Officer Collins investigated the crash and was investigating.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Incidents 248 Reports 33

Possession of a Controlled Substance Arrest

Officers Scherer and Ehling stopped a 48 year old adult male near the intersection of Fremont Blvd/Chapel Way and searched him per his probation status.  The male was ultimately arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

#022 Driving without a License Arrest

At approximately 6:20 p.m., Officer Han arrested a 27 year old adult male, Fremont resident, for driving without a license in the area of Stevenson and Leslie St.

#001 Possession of a Controlled Substance Arrest

At approximately 1:10 a.m., Officer Roberts stopped a male in the area of Brown Rd and Hotchkiss St. The male, a 60 year old adult male, who is on active searchable probation, was found to be in possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. He was arrested, cited and released.


 Police Patrol Blotter for Thursday, October 23, 2014

 Incidents 256 Reports 35

 #007 Suspended License Arrest / Fremont Jail

 Officer Gentry conducted a traffic enforcement stop at Fremont Bl./Irvington Ave. and arrested an adult male for driving with a suspended license.

 #013 Robbery (purse snatch)

 Officers were dispatched to the 46800 block of Warm Springs Blvd. after a suspect, described as a black male adult, 6’, clean shaven, wearing a gray t-shirt, snatched a purse from a female victim.  The suspect fled in a gray sedan with a partial plate of 4W.  Officer Weber investigated the case.

 #018 Public Intoxication Arrest / Fremont Jail

 Officer Dooley was dispatched to the area of Blacow Rd and Roberts Ave where she contacted and arrested a 25 year old adult male for being drunk in public.

 #032 Strong-arm Robbery

 Officer O’Neal and Officer Morrison investigated a strong-arm robbery that occurred at Mowry Ave and Hastings St.  The victim stated he was walking home from BART talking on his phone when a male pushed him down and stole his phone.  He could only describe the suspect as a black male.  He said the suspect was with another black male and a black female.  He had no further description.   

 #003 Ascertain the Problem (shots fired)

 Officers respond to a report of shots fired in the area of Stevenson Bl/Gallaudet Dr.  Officers locate at least 7 shell casings, but no suspect or victim.  Officer Chahouati is investigating.



Police Patrol Blotter for Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Incidents 298 Reports 45

#011 Warrant Arrest - Fremont Jail

Officer Fuellenbach stopped an adult male at Civic Center Dr. and Bart Way and arrested him for his outstanding failure to appear warrant.

#016 Warrant Arrest - Fremont Jail

Officer Fuellenbach stopped an adult male at Paseo Padre Parkway/Mission View Dr. and arrested him for his outstanding petty theft, drug possession, and drug influence warrants.

#031 Suspicious Circumstances

At 12:45 p.m. Irvington High School Resource Officer Morales was contacted by a student on the campus who reported that an unknown race male, approximately 5’8”, dressed in a black or blue hooded sweatshirt was on the campus and armed with a handgun.  The school was placed in lock-down status and several patrol units, detectives, SRO’s from other campuses and administrative staff responded and set up a perimeter surrounding the entire campus.   Neighboring schools: Hirsch, Robertson and Horner, as well as daycare centers were also placed on lock-down as a precaution.  A Unified Command was established with FPD, Fremont Fire, CHP Air-support, and FUSD Admin staff.   Several teams searched the entire campus and approximately 2,300 students were evacuated via FUSD school buses, AC Transit buses, and students’ personal vehicles.  The majority of the students were transported to FUSD offices on Technology Dr. and released to their awaiting parents.  After approximately four hours the campus was determined to be safe.  The suspicious male was not located.  We’d like to thank all of the students, teachers, faculty, parents and our general community for their cooperation yesterday.

#038 Driving on a Suspended License

Officer Smith conducted a traffic stop on Thornton Ave and cited/arrested a 29 year old adult male for having a suspended/revoked driver’s license.

#046 Warrant Service

At approximately 11:00 a.m., Officer Luevano conducted a traffic stop at Motel 6 (north) and cited the driver, a 20 year old adult female, for an outstanding traffic warrant.

#047 DUI Arrest -  Fremont Jail

At approximately 11:00 p.m., Officer Stillitano conducted a traffic stop in the area of Bruce Dr. and Gold Ct. and arrested the driver, a 27 year old adult female, for DUI.



Police Patrol Blotter for Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Incidents 354 Reports 61


Fremont Jail: #011 Warrant Service 

Officer Ceniceros conducted a warrant service in the 4900 block of Creekwood Dr and arrested a 28 year old adult female for her outstanding warrant.

 Fremont Jail: #016 Robbery - Chain Snatch

 A female victim was walking in a condominium complex located at Shale Co and Warm Springs Blvd when an unknown suspect ran up and forcibly snatched a gold chain from her neck.  The suspect fled north toward the Warm Springs shopping center.  The suspect was described as a black male adult, 25 years, about 5’10”, medium build, wearing a black baseball hat and a black t-shirt.  Case investigated by Officer Dias.

 Fremont Jail: #026 Outside Assist for CHP Fremont patrol and traffic officers were dispatched to a collision in the area of Warm Springs Blvd and Mission Blvd.  Officers arrived on scene and learned that it was a fatal collision involving a motorcyclist.  The location was actually a section of the eastbound I880 off-ramp on State Highway 262 and one CHP officer was already on scene. Fremont officers assisted with traffic control and CHP handled the investigation.  The Eastbound Mission Blvd exit from HWY 880 was closed for about one hour.

 Fremont Jail: #010 Commercial Burglary Unknown suspects cut through the barbed wire fence at the U-Haul Storage located on Grimmer Blvd overnight and stole rims and tires from a truck and trailer.  Investigated by CSO Goralczyk.

 #020 Commercial Burglary Unknown suspects broke in the front door of a health care business in the 37500 block of Fremont Blvd. and stole undetermined items.  Case investigated by Ofc. Magana.

 Fremont Jail: #062 Public Intoxication Arrest

 Officer Piol conducted a pedestrian stop and arrested a 55 year old adult male for being too intoxicated to care for himself.

 Fremont Jail: #063 Driving on a Suspended License

 Officer Weber and FTO Hollifield conducted a traffic stop and arrested a 60 year old adult female for driving on a suspended license.

 Fremont Jail: #065 Possession of Methamphetamine Arrest

 Officer O’Neil and FTO Morrison conducted a pedestrian stop and arrested a 46 year old adult male for possession of meth.

 Fremont Jail: #005 Driving without a License Arrest

 Officer Chahouati conducted a traffic stop and arrested a 19 year old adult male for driving without a license.

 Fremont Jail: #001 Possession of Methamphetamine Arrest

 Officer Macciola was dispatched to a suspicious vehicle in the area of D St. He located the vehicle unoccupied and noticed the vehicle registration was over six months expired. As the vehicle was being towed, Officer Macciola was contacted by the owner, a 39 year old adult male who was on probation for drug related offenses and was in possession of a small amount of meth. Officer Macciola arrested the male and booked him into Fremont Jail.

 Fremont Jail: #003 DUI Arrest

 Officer Gourley was dispatched to a suspicious vehicle at Carl’s Jr. on Fremont Blvd.  He located the vehicle in question parked at an angle across a handicap parking stall with the engine running. The driver, a 46 year old adult male, was passed out behind the wheel. Officer Gourley arrested the male for DUI and booked him into Fremont Jail.

 #006 Warrant Arrest

 Officer Soper was dispatched to a suspicious vehicle on Peralta Blvd and contacted the driver, a 35 year old adult male. A record check revealed the male had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.  Officer Soper arrested the male for the warrant and released him with a citation.



Friday, October 3, 2014

Incidents 362 Reports 50

#018 Drunk in Public Arrest

Officer Chinn located an adult male loitering in front of CJ’S Liquors at Stevenson/Blacow.  The well-known male was once again very intoxicated and unable to care for himself.  He was booked at Santa Rita Jail without incident.

#025 Vandalism

Employees at the McDonald’s on Grimmer observed several subjects slicing the seats with a knife.  The crime was caught on surveillance and Officer Loughery is handling the investigation.

#037 Residential Burglary

Officers responded to the area of Mill Creek/Linmore to investigate a residential burglary.  Entry was made by kicking in the door.  The loss is unknown at this time.  Investigated by Officer Zargham.

#046 Traffic/Parking Complaints

Major traffic and parking issues were reported at the Hindu Temple on Newport/Delaware.  Sgt. Cochran and Officer Zargham responded.  Officer Zargham used his car video to record the issues, which will be forwarded to Code Enforcement.  

#048 Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance Arrest

At approximately 10:00 p.m., Officer Nordseth was detailed to check on a male who was acting odd, on Bay St.  Officer Nordseth checked the area and located a 33 year old adult male, matching the description given by the caller, at Monument Center.  Officer Nordseth determined that the male was under the influence of a controlled substance and arrested and booked him into the Fremont Jail for same.

#050 DUI Arrest Fremont Jail 

At approximately 10:40 p.m., Officer Taylor was detailed to the area of 5 corners in Irvington regarding a male subject in a car, passed out.  Upon arriving, Officer Taylor located an adult male in the vehicle and determined he was intoxicated.  The male was arrested for drunk driving.

#003 Public Intoxication Arrest Fremont Jail

At approximately 2:00 a.m., Officer Roberts was detailed to Kirby’s Bar regarding a female who had struck the bartender.  Upon arriving it was learned that the female suspect had been in a verbal altercation and struck the bartender, who was not injured.  No charges for battery were desired.  The 49 year old adult female was too intoxicated to care for her own safety and was arrested for Public Drunkenness. Booked into the Fremont Jail.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Incidents 282 Reports 40

#008 Commercial Burglary

Officers investigated a commercial burglary in the 43100 block of Osgood Rd.  The unknown suspects pried open the door and took over $40,000 in video and camera equipment.

#010 Suspicious Circumstances /Possible Burglary Attempt

Officers were called to a suspicious circumstance call in the 38000 block of Glenview Dr.  One suspicious subject knocked on the front door and asked for “Ed,” while the second suspect hid in the bushes.  Both flee in a late 1990’s silver VW Passat, with license plate similar to “5------2.”  The suspects are described as:  Suspect #1 -  Hispanic male adults, approximately 20 years old, 5’8”/thin build, tattoos on arm, gray hoodie;  Suspect #2 – Hispanic male adult, 5’8” / stocky build, gray hoodie, with thin beard along jawline and tattoos on neck.

#011 Residential Burglary

Officers investigated a residential burglary in the 34000 block of Seal Rock Terr.  The burglary occurred on Fridays sometime between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  The unknown suspect(s) made entry through the patio doors.

#014 Residential Burglary

Officers investigated a residential burglary that occurred in the 4500 block of Calaveras Ave.  A neighbor sees two suspects flee the victim residence carrying large bags.  Suspects entered the residence by kicking in the interior garage door.  Suspects:  Two Hispanic male adults, 20 years old, both thin.  Suspect vehicle:  Dark colored Toyota or similar with the a license plate similar to “-----987.”

#020 Elder Abuse - Fremont Jail

Multiple callers advised of a female (later identified as a 42 year old adult female) battering an elderly female near Washington High School.  During one of the phone calls, FPD Dispatch could hear the suspect threaten to shoot someone.  Units arrive as the suspect is walking away from the scene.  The female is detained and eventually arrested for elder abuse.

#031 Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale

Officers Liu and Valdes initiate a pedestrian stop and contact a 25 year old adult male, who is on probation, standing near his vehicle.  A search of his vehicle reveals an ounce of methamphetamine and the male is arrested for sales. 

#002 Street Racing/Hit and Run/Felony Evasion  - Fremont Jail

Officers responded to the area of Fremont Blvd. and Bayside to check on 90+ vehicles involved in racing and sideshow activity.  Upon arriving on scene some of the vehicles began driving away recklessly in an effort to leave.  One of the vehicles attempted to drive away northbound in the southbound lanes of traffic, towards patrol vehicles.  Emergency lights were then activated.  The driver appears to have panicked and attempted to drive between the officer’s cars, striking two patrol vehicles and then a third citizen’s vehicle.  One patrol vehicle was incapacitated by the collision.  At the time this appeared to be a deliberate act of assault with a deadly weapon and officers initiated a vehicle pursuit.  The suspect fled northbound on Fremont, to southbound on Hwy 880 then exited W. Warren and eventually back onto northbound Fremont Blvd.  As the driver made the turn onto Fremont Blvd., he struck a curb, and his car was then disabled, ending the pursuit.  A felony car stop was conducted and the 19 year old adult male driver was arrested.  Subsequent statements and review of the video appears to show the impacts were not intentional.  Traffic took over the investigation.   The suspect was arrested and booked into the Fremont Jail for three counts of hit and run and felony evasion.  No injuries were sustained.

#001 Suspicious Circumstance

Officer Nordseth was detailed to the area of 1200 Albacore Terr. regarding a female bleeding from the head.  Upon arriving the female was located, passed out and intoxicated and suffering from a large cut to the back of her head.  The female victim did not wish to, or could not, recall what happened to her.  She denied being involved in any altercation and lives several miles away.  The victim may have fallen down.  Report taken as suspicious circumstance and the female was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Sunday, October 5, 2004

Incidents 251 Reports 40

#011 Outside Assist

State Parole called into Dispatch to let us know they were headed into Fremont to search for a sex offender who had removed his bracelet monitor.  The male was located and arrested on Lincoln St.

#012 Commercial Burglary

Unknown suspect(s) forced open the front door to a business on the 4100 block of Pestana Place.  Loss was electronics.

#028 Stolen Vehicle Recovery

A 2006 Chevy Silverado that had been stolen out of San Jose was recovered at Prune/Osgood. The vehicle had major components missing /heavy strip.  Case investigated by CSO Oliveira.

#030 Arson of Vehicle

At approximately 5:05 p.m.  Officer Hernandez and CSI Allen responded to help Fremont Fire investigate a suspicious vehicle fire, possibly arson, on Calypso Terrace.

#036 Battery

At approximately 9:05 p.m., officers responded to a fight in the parking lot of Safeway in the Warm Springs area.  Two brothers got into a fight while driving home from a football game where they had been drinking.  The driver pulled over at Safeway hoping to stop the altercation.  A witness tried to intervene by spraying pepper spray.  Several witnesses, as well as the parties involved, were sprayed.  Fremont Fire and Paramedics responded to provide medical aid.  In the end no police assistance or criminal prosecution was desired.   Case investigated by Officer Malcomson.

#039 Driving While Unlicensed

Officer Taylor stopped a vehicle on Mowry Ave. and found the driver was unlicensed.  The driver was cited and his vehicle was towed.

#001 Public Intoxication Arrest

At about midnight, Officer Piol was detailed to a residence on Chemult Common regarding a male who was very intoxicated and was yelling loudly.  Upon arriving, a 42 year old adult male, Fremont resident, was contacted and found to be very intoxicated.  The male’s behavior was erratic switching from very calm to verbally aggressive and angry.   Officers determined that the male was too intoxicated to care for his own safety and was taken into custody.

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