How to bail Someone out of Santa Rita Jail.

How to Bail Someone out of Santa Rita Jail



Santa Rita Jail

Call 510 Bail Bond they are experts on bail at the Santa Rita Jail. Using a professional bail bondsman at 510 Bail Bond will be your fastest and easiest path to your loved ones freedom. When using the service of 510 Bail Bond you only have to pay 10% of the bond amount. Other discounts may apply call 510-760-9409 for details. 

 Points to consider 

  •  When you sign for the bail bond you are backing your loved ones appearance in court.
  •  You are now responsible for the full bond amount if your loved one were to fail to appear in court as agreed. 
  •  Only bond someone that you know will go to court as agreed.
  •  Bail fee is considered earned when defendant is released from jail.  
  •  Expect to fill out some paper work - about 20-30 minutes
  •  Have your ID ready to show to the bail bondmen 

What if I can't afford to lose the money used to bond someone out of jail?  Never bond someone out of jail if you cannot afford to lose that money or if you are not 100% sure you can get him back to court after a missed court date. In the world of bonding people out of jail, there are no guarantees, other than we will set your loved one free. It's up to you and the defendant to make sure all court dates are attended, until their case is settled. 

How to Bail Someone Out of Jail. It's never fun to get that late night call from a friend or family member telling you that he/she has been arrested. The call usually means one thing: The responsibility of getting him/her out of jail has been placed on you. This process is fairly easy, though potentially expensive, if not using a licensed bail bondsmen. With 510 Bail Bond you will only have to pay 10% of the bail bond amount set by the court. The bail fee are set depending on the charges. See the Alameda County bail schedule for a complete listing of bail bond amounts.  Calling 510 Bail Bond will make the bail bonding process go as smooth as possible. You can rest assured using a California Department of Insurance licensed bail bondsmen you will be able to bond your loved one out easily. You will need to pay the bond fee - 10% of the bail amount and fill out some paper work that takes about 20 to 30 minutes.  

After all paper work is completed your bail bondman will post the bail bond at the jail starting the release process. Once the bond is posted it could take up to 8 hours before your loved one is released depending on the jail. Most local city jails release within minutes after the bond is posted. With larger county jails release times could be as long as 8 or more hours depending on work load of the jail at that time. Keep in mind this is not something your bail bondsmen has any control over. The time of release after a bond is posted is based on how the jail operates

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