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Long banner ad 510bail bondEver wonder what it’s like in jail? What do you have to do to end up in jail? Who works at the jail? What kinds of jobs are there in the criminal justice system? What is bail? Who sets the bail amount? What are your rights?

Are you a teacher and want your students to get a first hand look at the criminal justice system? Set up a tour of the Fremont Jail through 510 Bail Bond and we will walk you through the arrest, booking, holding and release process in Alameda County.

This is not a scared straight program. This tour covers careers in Law enforcement, Attorneys, Bail Bondsmen and gives students a first hand look at what they can expect going into these fields.  This is an eye opening educational tour of our criminal justice system in practice. What amendment covers your right to bail? What to say or not to say when arrested and why are all covered.

For a full learning experience, objectives, goals and a summary test are available upon request.

Interested? Give 510 Bail Bond a call to set up your next field trip. 


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Bail - It's what we do.  

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