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AB1014 How bad is it?

People - I'm just telling you what will happen if AB1014 does pass.....Your right to remain silent will not mean anything, and your property rights will follow the same path. AB1014 is bad - bad to the bone 510 Bail Bond will still be able to bail you out, but why let them arrest you in the first place. Put a stop to the madness before it's too late. 

Logo in BlackPeople of California - They are at it again. Your elected officials will be taking more of your rights away. This time it's in the form of AB1014. A measure that would allow virtually anyone to petition a court for a “Gun Violence Restraining Order” or “firearms seizure warrant” based on hearsay. That's right, anyone can call the police and say that they think you are unstable. I predict calls to the police in connection to demotic violence regarding AB1014. The other partner will retaliate with a AB1014 claim or the police will just search your house looking for your guns under the AB1014 law. The police will respond and take your guns away under the pretext of public safety. Please vote NO on AB 1014. (you don't vote your elected official does) Oh sorry about that, your elected official who knows how to keep you safe will handle that vote.

 Before you know it, another part of your freedom will be taken away.
Here is how it will go down. Everyone reading this will do nothing. No one will call their elected official and voice their disapproval, AB1014 will pass. Sometime after AB1014 has passed into law your girlfriend / Boyfriend or anyone for that matter will be mad at you, call the police, and state that you are unstable. The police will come and take your guns, you will be arrested for resisting arrest. You will need bail.

Keep our contact info in your phones, you are going to need it sooner or later. Remember, it is better to know me and not need me than to need me and not know me. 



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